Deha Law Firm

 The Deha law firm is a law firm in Vietnam. Lawyer: Ngo Thi Ha founded the firm. Deha got experienced lawyers and prestigious and famous partners in the industry. We are legal service provider in Vietnam.


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Our field of activity in law

  • Services of criminal defense lawyers, defense attorneys, defense lawyers for civil defendants, litigation lawyers…
  • Tax lawyer, consulting on tax payment procedures, handling violations in the tax field, legal regulations on tax declaration…
  • Settlement of real estate and land disputes
  • Investment consulting
  • Economic lawyers resolve business and commercial disputes…
  • Legal advice on intellectual property
  • Lawyer specializing in legal advice for employers, recruitment, social insurance, health insurance…
  • And others.

 We try to become a top service law firm in Vietnam. Who serves the international company and foreigners

 The Deha law firm is not just limited to the practice of law but also includes other services such as accounting, consulting, and management.

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